Definition of Terms

"PREMIUM" is the Pine grade formerly known as #2 and #3. The grade spread is fairly broad, and does allow for knots of various size.

"STD" (Standard) is the Pine grade #4. The grade allows large red knots, and some loose knots. This is the grade most often used in the manufacture of ship-lapped siding.

"BTR" (Better) when used as a suffix to a grade, such as "STD" & "BTR", indicates that the specified grade has enhanced by including varying quantities of higher grades, and generally does not increase the price.

"D & BTR" is the Pine grade that includes all of the select grades. This grade may allow Small Tight Knots (STK), but for the most part this lumber is clear and free of defects.

"FAS" (First And Seconds) is the Hardwood grade which includes the superior "Furniture Grade" Hardwoods. The grade is typically free of defects, but some defects are allowed.

"S3S" is a description of finish, usually pertaining to Hardwood species. It represents "Surfaced Three Sides", which indicates that two faces have been planed, and one edge has been processed with a "straight-line" rip saw which renders the edge straight and smooth. The fourth edge is left rough.

"S4S" is a finish which renders both faces and both edges planer-finished.

"RGH" (Rough) indicates that the specified material is merchandised in its "Rough" state.

“CMG” is clear mixed grain.


“CVG” is clear vertical grain.


“D4S” is dressed four sides.


“ECB” is Edge & Center Bead.


“T & G” is tongue and groove.


“S1S2E” is finished one face and two edges.


“A+” & “D+” is softwood select grade.

"QUARTER MEASURE" - Lumber size is often referred to as 4/4 (pronounced FOUR-QUARTER), 5/4 (FIVE-QUARTER), 6/4 (SIX-QUARTER) ETCETERA. This refers to the thickness of the lumber when it is first sawn, and in its rough size. The size increases in 1/4" increments. 5/4 lumber measures one and one-quarter inches, or five 1/4" increments. When surfaced, the lumber is dressed to 1", and 4/4 would be dressed to 3/4".

To calculate "Board-Foot" measure (/BF or Bd. Ft.) use the following formula and dimensions of the lumber in the rough:

Thickness (in inches) X Width (in inches) X Length (in feet)

Is divided by 12

Example: 1" X 6" X 10’ divided by 12 = 5 Bd.Ft.

Example: 3" X 4" X 16’ divided by 12 = 16 Bd.Ft.

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